Communication Panel

Communication Panel

Communication is key, those who have lived in Strata managed properties can attest to how difficult it can be to get a response from your strata company at times. The delayed responses can result in costly solutions and can be extremely frustrating for owners/committee members. By establishing a WhatsApp group strictly for the Body corporate of your building. Committee members can raise any cleaning or maintenance issue by simply posting a short message or picture to the chat. A member of our staff will promptly respond and swiftly take the appropriate action.

Despite our best efforts to keep your homes looking as good as possible. Our experience tells us that there are always a few tenants who do not follow the house rules.


Those who live in Strata managed proprieties can really identify with the below

  • Leaving rubbish in chute areas
  • Cardboard boxes not being broken down
  • Litter left in car space areas
  • Dumping of mattresses and other furniture in common areas
  • Damaged property when tenants move in and out of apartments

Bad tenants can undo all our good work, fortunately for those who choose to employ Allspec Services, you can rest assured that the culprits do not become repeat offenders.

What separates Allspec from the competition. If your building is fitted with CCTV cameras. Allspec will liaise with your current CCTV provider to get access and training on your current monitoring system. So, whenever there is a clear case of rubbish being dumped by tenants. Allspec will promptly review the relevant footage to identify the culprits. We will then provide feedback to the committee members and the associated Strata Company. This service can normally prove to be quite costly but with Allspec it is all part of the service. Our experience tells us that once tenants have issued a warning for making a mess that they quickly change their behaviors which results in a cleaner and happier environment.